CRF Awardees

  • Ken Arnold
    Computer Science
    Natural Language Processing for Writing Education
  • Adejoke Ayoola
    Dissemination of Women's Reproductive Knowledge Promotion: Group-Based PREKNOP Intervention
  • Rachael Baker
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Advancing Rare Disease Research with Molecular Dynamics
  • Ryan Bebej
    Evaluating the Development of Lumbar Stability in Early Cetaceans: Single Origin or Repeated Convergence?
  • Erica Boldenow
    Understanding How Toxicant Trichloroethylene (TCE) Impacts Pathogenic Phagocytosis: Data Collection and Manuscript
  • Kevin Corcoran
    Minds, Brains and Persons
  • Dawn Frambes
    Identifying Needs for Support Among Informal Caregivers of Adults in the Baxter Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan: An Exploratory Descriptive Qualitative Study
  • Loren Haarsma
    Physics and Astronomy
    Human Evolution and Original Sin - Continuing the Conversation
  • Paul Harper
    Physics and Astronomy
    Lipid Structural Biophysics
  • Matt Heun
    Understanding the Energy-Economy-Climate Nexus
  • Kristine Johnson
    Undergraduate Research as a Future of English Studies
  • Jaclynn Lubbers
    A Primary Care Intervention for Adolescent Depression and Anxiety: Responding to the COVID-19 mental health crisis among teens
  • William Miller
    Spatial Ecology of Ticks (Family: Ixodidae) in an Area of Recent Emergence and Expansion
  • Mark Muyskens
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Developing scientists through studies of unique coumarin compounds
  • Derek Schuurman
    Computer Science
    Technically Speaking book project
  • Otto Selles
    World Languages - French
    The Religious Practices of an Eighteenth-Century Huguenot Sect: The Multipliers of Montpellier, France, 1720-1723
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Investigating the G-quadruplex-Insulin interaction and Water Filtration in a Rural Nepali Village
  • James Skillen
    Geology, Geography, and Environment
    The Federal Estate: An Introduction to Federal Public Lands
  • James Turner
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Algebraic Structures over Homotopy Operations
  • Laura Westrate
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Protein Trafficking in the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Sabbatical Leave of Absence Awardees

  • David Benson
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Computer Simulations of Metalloproteins for Research with Undergraduates
  • Will Katerberg
    Historical Studies
    Living with America's Revolutionary Heritage in an Age of Extremes
  • David Klanderman
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Learning Trajectories for Measurement in the Middle School
  • Dave Koetje
    Refugia Gardening in Response to Global Crises
  • Larry Molnar
    Physics and Astronomy
    The Evolution of Contact Binary Stars
  • Anding Shen
    Roles of endothelial cells in HIV infection
  • Laura Smit
    A Sense of Sweetness: In Search of a Reformed Theology of Beauty
  • Dwight TenHuisen
    World Languages - Spanish
    Calancha's Cranica Moralizada and Early Modern Augustinian Evangelization in a Global Context
  • Kevin Timpe
    God, Dependence, and Disability
  • Jason VanHorn
    Geology, Geography, and Environment
    Early American Academic Cartography Contribution to Science
  • John Walcott
    Teaching for Justice
  • Amy Wilstermann
    Expansion of Rare Disease Research Capacity and Characterization of a Variant of Uncertain Significance