CRF Awardees

  • Carolyn Anderson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Heterocyclic Scaffolds
  • Ken Arnold
    Computer Science
    AI to Help Language Instructors and Students
  • Adejoke Ayoola
    Women's Reproductive Knowledge Promotion: Group-Based Telehealth PREKNOP Intervention
  • David Benson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Proteins That Become Antioxidants to Prolong Cellular Function
  • Kristin Du Mez
    Historical Studies
    Faith, Politics, and the Polarization of American Christianity
  • Paul Harper
    Physics & Astronomy
    Non-lamellar structures in lipid-water systems
  • Matt Heun
    Sustainability Challenges
  • William Miller
    Modeling the Occurrence and Habitat Suitability of Ticks (Family: Ixodidae) to Optimize Disease Surveillance
  • Mark Muyskens
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Photoacid behavior in selected coumarin compounds
  • David Urban
    Milton's Emphasis on the External Scripture in His Major Poems
  • Douglas Vander Griend
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Website Enhancement of
  • Laura Westrate
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Protein Trafficking in the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Sabbatical Leave of Absence Awardees

  • Kathi Groenendyk
    Bridging the Divide: Religion, Climate Change, and Rhetorical Strategies
  • Matt Halteman
    The Vegan Imagination and Religious Ethics
  • Jennifer Steensma-Hoag
    Visual and Performing Arts
    The Photographic Object: Explorations in the Materiality of Photography
  • Garth Pauley
    "We Are All Bound Up Together": Recovering Frances Ellen Watkins Harper's Rhetorical Contributions to the Woman Suffrage and Equal Rights Movements
  • Deanna van Dijk
    Geology, Geography, and Environment
    Citizen Science and Understanding Michigan's Coastal Dunes
  • Jennifer VanAntwerp
    Large-scale study of engineering workforce retention
  • Jeremy VanAntwerp
    Book: "A big-picture introduction to sustainability"