CRF Awardees

  • Carolyn Anderson
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Heterocyclic Scaffolds
  • Eric Arnoys
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Moving a glucose transporter to the cell surface
  • Rachael Baker
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Bringing Rare Disease Research to the Rare Disease Community
  • David Benson
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Proteins That Become Antioxidants to Prolong Cellular Function
  • Lindsay Brainard
    The Scientific Value of Creativity
  • Margaret Caulfield
    The composition of an NIH grant proposal focused on sex differences in immune cell responses in central nervous system autoimmune disease
  • Kelly DuBois
    The composition of publications for journal submission describing the microbial responses to green infrastructure in the Plaster Creek watershed
  • Paul Harper
    Physics and Astronomy
    Biophysics of Lipid Structures
  • Geert Heetebrij
    Communication Arts and Sciences
    Fictional feature film "Phantasma"
  • Brendan Looyenga
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Separating signal from noise: Documenting a new mode of ligand-independent MET receptor pseudo-activation in the kidney tubule
  • Larry Molnar
    Physics and Astronomy
    The Evolutionary Stages of Contact Binary Stars
  • Mark Muyskens
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Computer modeling of acidity in molecular structure to explain properties of fluorescent coumarins
  • Elizabeth Oommen
    Objective Measures of Tongue and Jaw Function in Healthy Adults and Persons with Parkinson's Disease
  • Carl Plantinga
    Communication Arts and Sciences
    Screen Stories and the Moral Imagination
  • Darren Proppe
    Songbird behavior: Implications for conservation and management in the Anthropocene
  • Karie Riddle
    Political Science
    State-Sponsored Trauma and the Politics of Belonging: A Comparative View from the Margins
  • Corey Roberts
    Germanic and Asian Languages and Literatures
    Karl Philipp Moritz's Aesthetics, Narrative Fiction, and Theory of Experience
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Nanoprobe-Guided Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging of Bacterial Cell Walls
  • Samuel Smartt
    Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Jason Smolinski
    Physics and Astronomy
    Continuing Ground-Based Searches for Multiple Populations Within Milky Way Globular Clusters
  • Nathan Sunukjian
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Knots in dimension four
  • Don Tellinghuisen
    What Can and Cannot be Ignored: Auditory Distraction Effects during Visual Searches
  • David Urban
    Milton's Emphasis on the External Scripture in His Major Late Poems
  • Laura Westrate
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Investigating the role of Endoplasmic Reticulum Morphology on Protein Trafficking and Export

Sabbatical Leave of Absence Awardees

  • Kristen Alford
    Social Work
    Evaluating the health effects of mass distribution of point-of-use water filters in Liberia, West Africa
  • Mark Bjelland
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    Recycled Industrial Spaces: The Remaking of the Inner City and What Was Left Behind
  • Randall Dejong
    Advancing knowledge and tools in schistosome research
  • Kristin Du Mez
    Journey of Faith: Hillary Clinton and the Polarization of American Christianity
  • Keith Grasman
    The Effects of Environmental Pollutants on the Health and Reproduction of Fish-Eating Birds in the Great Lakes
  • Lewis Klatt
    Saint with a peacock voice: poems
  • Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung
    The Vice of Acedia: On Rest and Resistance to Love
  • Heather Koole
    Evidence Based Practice: Perspectives of Speech-language Pathologists
  • Matthew Lundberg
    Martyrdom and Ecumenism: The Problem and Promise of the Christian Martyrs
  • Debra Rienstra
    Michigan Dunes: a spiritual geography
  • James Smith
    Lessons for the end of modern democracy from its beginning: the contemporary relevance of Hegel's political philosophy
  • James Turner
    Mathematics and Statistics
    Algebra of higher homotopy operations
  • Frans van Liere
    Bible and life at the abbey of saint victor
  • Douglas Vander Griend
    Chemistry and biochemistry
    Implementation and dissemination of advanced methodological expertise for the chemometric analysis of spectrophotometric data
  • Jolene Vos-Camy
    Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force, a 17th century French author
  • Roman Williams
    Seeing and believing