CRF Awardees

  • Adejoke Ayoola
    Preconception Reproductive Knowledge Promotion (PREKNOP) Group Intervention
  • Brendan Looyenga
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Elucidating the Functional Significance of Papillary Renal Tumor Architecture in Tumor-Fibroblast Communication
  • Carl Plantinga
    Communication Arts and Sciences
    Alternative Realities
  • Carolyn Anderson
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Heterocyclic Scaffolds
  • Darren Proppe
    Assessing the effects of anthropogenic noise on songbird reproductive success and survivorship
  • David Benson
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Proteins That Become Antioxidants to Prolong Cellular Function
  • David Warners
    Beyond Stewardship
  • Eric Arnoys
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Protein-protein interactions at the cell surface
  • Frans van Liere
    Project description: Andrew of Saint Victor's Commentary on Isaiah. A Critical Edition
  • James Skillen
    Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies
    This Land Is My Land: Enduring Conflict over Public Lands
  • Jason Smolinski
    Physics and Astronomy
    Ground-Based Searches for Multiple Populations Within Milky Way Globular Star Clusters
  • Jonathan Hill
    The Sociology of Scientism
  • Julie Yonker
    Character Strengths in College Students: Influence of Pedagogy and Individual Characteristics
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Investigating a Multivalent Drug System for Targeting Gram Positive Bacteria
  • Larry Molnar
    Physics and Astronomy
    The Predicted Eruption of a Red Nova
  • Lewis Klatt
    Christian Poetics Symposium: Book Project
  • Margaret Caulfield
    The composition of peer-reviewed manuscripts describing underlying mechanisms of pathogenesis in neuromyelitis optica
  • Mark Bjelland
    Geology, Geography, and Environmental Studies
    Place-Making for Shalom
  • Mark Mulder
    The Politics of Rustbelt Religion: Faith and Resentment among Rural White Voters
  • Mary Molewyk- Doornbos
    Women Supporting Women: Supportive/Educative Groups for Ethnically Diverse, Urban, Impoverished Women Struggling with Depression and Anxiety
  • Matt Heun
    Beyond Stewardship
  • Nathan Sunukjian
    Mathematics and Statistics
    The geometry and topology of four dimensions
  • Paul Harper
    Physics and Astronomy
    Biophysics of the Inverted Hexagonal Phase in Lipids
  • Rachael Baker
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Elucidating the Role of Bcs1 in Mitochondrial Rare Diseases
  • Ryan Balili
    Physics and Astronomy
    Investigating the Nature of Charge State Transitions in Diamond NV Centers
  • Ryan Bebej
    Evolutionary creation and the problem of animal death and suffering before the Fall
  • Samuel Smartt
    Communication Arts and Sciences
    Luminous documentary
  • Scott Lamanna
    A Comparative Analysis of Refusal Strategies in Colombian and Mexican Spanish
  • Stacy De Ruiter
    Mathematics and Statistics
    State-switching Models for Ecological Data
  • William Van Vugt
    North Yorkshire and North America: Migration, Economy, and Culture

Sabbatical Leave of Absence Awardees

  • Adel Abadeer
    Involuntary Social Exclusion: Further Analysis and Applications
  • Kevin Corcoran
    Minds, Brains and Persons
  • Anna Greidanus
    Art and Art History
    Porcelain Explorations
  • Emily Helder
    The impact of religiosity and spirituality among members of the adoptive kinship network
  • Kristine Johnson
    Locating Agency in the Discourse of Writing Program Administration
  • Brian Kreisman
    Development and Validation of Spanish Speech Perception Tests for Children and Adults
  • Tracy Kuperus
    International Development Studies
    Examining the Impact of Faith-based Youth Organizations on Youth Citizenship in South Africa
  • Won Lee
    A commentary of the book of Amos
  • Elisha Marr
    Religion in Adoption: A Sociological Perspective
  • Mark Muyskens
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Action spectra of isolated biomolecules
  • Victor Norman
    Computer Science
    Developing Curriculum for Transitioning Students from Scratch to Greenfoot & Learning Modern App Development Technologies
  • Rachel Venema
    Social Work
    Developing a Better Understanding of Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault: Perspectives from Responding Officers and Victim-Survivors
  • Matthew Walhout
    Physics and Astronomy
    Computational Modeling of Plasma Structures and Processes
  • Stacey Wieland
    Communication Arts and Sciences
    Facilitating Virtuous Conversations about Divisive Issues within the Church