CRF awardees

  • Adel Abadeer
    Cultural Norms and Gender Discrimination in Collectivist Studies
  • Brian Kreisman
    Effect of Speech Rate on Speech Perception, Listening Effort and Preferred Listening Rate
  • Carl Plantinga
    Communications Arts & Sciences
    The Spectator Judge: Affect and Ethics in Narrative Film
  • Carolyn Anderson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Synthesis of 2-Pyridone Substituted beta- and gamma-Amino Acids
  • Darren Proppe
    Is Anthropogenic Noise a Reliable Signal of Habitat Quality?
  • David Urban
    "C. S. Lewis, Miltonist: A Dinosaur with Whom Our Contemporaries Continue to Wrestle"
  • Debra Buursma
    Sacred Space Pedagogy Project
  • Elizabeth Byma
    The Lived Experience of Newly Graduated Registered Nurses as a Managers of Pain: Transition From Student to Professional Role
  • Herb Fynewever
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Cultural Influence on STEM Education in Nepal
  • James Turner
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Research in Algebraic Topology
  • Jo-Ann VanReeuwyk
    Art & Art History
    Sacred Space Pedagogy
  • John Ubels
    Mechanisms of Ultraviolet Radiation Damage to the Corneal Epithelium and Protection by Potassium in Tears
  • Jonathan Hill
    Research and Analysis with the National Study of Religion and Human Origins
  • Kara Sevensma
    Literacy Practices in the Internet Age: Examining Adolescents' Online Reading Strategies in Content Area Classrooms
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Using Single Molecule Atomic Force Microscopy and Bulk Microcalorimetry Methods to Study Biomolecular Interactions
  • Larry Molnar
    Physics & Astronomy
    Dyanmics of Asteroids
  • Lewis Klatt
    A Christian Poetics
  • Loren Haarsma
    Physics & Astronomy
    Mechanisms of Ultraviolet Radiation Activation of Potassium Channels in the Corneal Epithelium
  • Nalova Westbrook
    Two Perspectives on Literacy Education: Praxis and Project Analysis
  • Rebecca McBride
    Political Science
    The Diffusion of Intercountry Adoption: Learning in the Global System
  • Ryan Bebej
    Multivariate analyses of vertebral proportions in modern mammals and their implications for the evolution of aquatic locomotion in early cetaceans
  • Todd Kapitula
    Mathematics & Statistics
    The Krein Matrix for Quadratic Matrix Pencils
  • You Kyoung Ahn
    Art & Art History
    Community Oriented Historic Preservation in Different Urban Historic Districts: A Comparative Study of Heritage Hill and Wealthy Heights in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sabbatical leave of absence awardees

  • Joel Adams
    Computer Science
    An Introductory Programming eBook Using Scratch
  • Albert Boerema
    An Exploration of Leadership in Christian Schools
  • Don DeGraaf
    Learning, Living, and Exploring One’s Faith Abroad: Embracing the Journey
  • Pennlyn Dykstra-Pruim
    Germanic & Asian Languages & Literatures
    The CQ Community Building Projects
  • Susan Felch
    A Critical Edition of The Obedience of a Christian Man, by William Tyndale (1528)
  • Paul Harper
    Physics & Astronomy
    X-ray diffraction and 31P NMR measurements of Lipid-Sugar-Water Mixtures
  • Brian Ingraffia
    Theorizing Religion and Literature: An Anthology of Modern, Postmodern and Postsecular Essays.
  • Youngkhill Lee
    How Does Leisure Contribute To Happiness Of People With Spinal Cord Injury?
  • Chris Moseley
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Geometric Control Theory and sub-Finsler Geometry
  • David Noe
    Classical Languages
    Research on Franciscus Portus Cretensis in Preparation of a Critical Translation
  • Randy Pruim
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Multiple Imputation Methods for Incomplete Categorical Data
  • Laura Smit
    Magnanimity: A Medieval Virtue in the Thought of C. S. Lewis
  • Chad Tatko
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Green Catalysis from Combinatorial Libraries
  • Christina Van Dyke
    Aquinas on Happiness: Immortality and the Afterlife
  • Jason VanHorn
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    The Global Church Map Portal
  • Amber Warners
    Volleyball Position Specific Tactical Training
  • Joel Westra
    Political Science
    Reforming the Global Security Order: Institutional Legitimacy and Global Security Governance in a Changing World