CRF awardees

  • Carolyn Anderson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Synthesis of 2-Pyridone Substituted Beta and Gamma Amino Acids
  • David Benson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Engineered Proteins for Cellular Imaging and to Understand Protein Function
  • Marilyn Bierling
    The Cuban Immigrant Experience within the Christian Reformed Church
  • Michael Bolt
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Spectrum of the Kerzman-Stein operator for complex analysis
  • Ruth Groenhout
    Medical Professionals and Religious Identity
  • Deborah Haarsma
    Physics & Astronomy
    The Puzzling Centers of Galaxy Clusters
  • Philip Hash
    Music at the New York Institution for the Blind: 1832-1869
  • Emily Helder
    Cognitive, emotional, and behavioral outcomes following international adoption
  • Matt Heun
    Economic development transitions, energy and carbon constraints, and innovation
  • Jonathan Hill
    The Social Sources of Antievolutionist Belief
  • Todd Kapitula
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Spectral Theory for Quadratic Pencils
  • Larry Louters
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Acute activation of GLUT1: role of nitroxyl (HNO) and hydroxylamine (NH2OH)
  • Steve McMullen
    A Christian Account of Property
  • Mary Molewyk-Doornbos
    Supportive/educative groups as a culturally sensitive intervention for ethnically diverse, urban, impoverished women struggling with depression and anxiety
  • Carl Plantinga
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Imaginary Ethics: Emotion and Morality in Contemporary Hollywood Movies
  • Corey Roberts
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Expressing the Ineffable: German Pietism, the Discourse of Experience, and the Birth of Aesthetics
  • Bill Romanowski
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Essays on How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies
  • Stephanie Sandberg
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Alzheimer's: Playing for Understanding and Healing
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    A Biophysical Investigation of Ligand-Receptor Systems
  • Jamie Skillen
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    Ecosystem Management and the Crisis of Scientific and Political Authority
  • David Smith
    Germanic, Asian Languages & Literatures
    Teaching as a Christian Practice
  • Peter Snyder
    The Practice of Routines
  • Chad Tatko
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Development of Peptide Model Systems for Functional Changes
  • John Ubels
    Development and evaluation of lubricant eye drops and contact lens solutions
  • David Urban
    C. S. Lewis as Miltonist, and the New Milton Criticism
  • Christina Van Dyke
    Aquinas's Treatise on Happiness: Summa Theologiae IaIIae 1-21, Translation and Commentary
  • Susan Verwys
    Student Discourses and Resources: Transforming Pedagogy for Educational Equity
  • Jeff Winkle
    Classical Languages
    Seeing as the Romans Saw: Trajan's Column and the 2nd Century Viewer

Sabbatical leave of absence awardees

  • Crystal Bruxvoort
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Bridging the Gap between Theoretical Understanding and Teacher Practice with regard to Teaching Scientific Inquiry
  • Rebecca DeYoung
    Reflections on the Vice of Sloth
  • Kristin Du Mez
    Gender and Christianity, in America and Around the World
  • Keith Grasman
    The Effects of Persistent Environmental Pollutants on the Health and Reproduction of Fish-Eating Birds
  • Kathi Groenendyk
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    William Jennings Bryan Confronts "The Menace of Darwinism": A Rhetorical Analysis
  • Matthew Halteman
    The Hermeneutics of Eating Animals: Resources from Continental Philosophy
  • Craig Hanson
    Art & Art History
    From Leiden to London: Anglo-Dutch Relations and the Arts in Early Modern England
  • Anna Greidanus
    Art & Art History
    The Survivors Project
  • Will Katerberg
    Extreme and Mainstream in American Politics Since World War II
  • Lew Klatt
    Sunshine Wound: Poems
  • Garth Pauley
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Jonathan Edwards's "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God": A Rhetorical Study
  • Gary Schmidt
    Writing Yankee History: The Post-Revolutionary Histories of New England
  • Robert Schoone-Jongen
    Cheap Land and Immigrant Religion: Theodore F. Koch and the Ethnic Settlement of Minnesota and Texas
  • Anding Shen
    Roles of Endothelial cells in HIV infection and latency
  • Jamie Smith
    Liturgical Politics: Reforming Political Theology
  • Don Tellinghuisen
    Themes of Psychology and a Biblical View of Human Nature
  • Alisa Tigchelaar
    What’s in a Nun?: Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Spanish Cloistered Carmelite Nuns Early Modern Female Writers, Literary Practitioners and Theologians
  • Tom Thompson
    Christian Eschatology for a Contemporary World
  • James Turner
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Interactions between Algebra and Homotopy Theory
  • Frans van Liere
    The Medieval Bible: Interpretation and Text
  • Kate van Liere
    Ambrosio de Morales and the birth of Spanish Renaissance “sacred history”
  • Todd Vanden Berg
    Jamaican Perspectives on Tourism
  • Jolene Vos-Camy
    Antoinette de Salvan de Saliès: Christian Reflections and the French Novel of 17th Century France
  • Adam Wolpa
    Art & Art History
    Exquisite History: The Gates Of Heaven