CRF awardees

  • Carolyn Anderson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Synthesis of 2-Pyridone Substituted beta- and gamma-Amino Acids
  • Roy Anker
    "All Things Shining": The Films of Terrence Malick
  • Eric Arnoys
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Biophysical changes in activated GluT1 protein
  • Adejoke Ayoola
    Promotion of women’s knowledge of the body and pregnancy planning ability
  • David Benson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Engineered Proteins for Cellular Imaging and to Understand Protein Function
  • Michael Bolt
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Symmetries of the Levi polynomial
  • Crystal Bruxvoort
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Comparative analysis of the effects of an informal field experience on science teachers’ implementation of scientific inquiry
  • Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim
    Germanic, Asian Languages & Literatures
    Building Cultural Intelligence
  • Herb Fynewever
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Using social science techniques to understand the “why” behind formative assessment practices in college level science, engineering, and mathematics instruction
  • Deborah Haarsma
    Physics & Astronomy
    The Puzzling Centers of Galaxy Clusters
  • Jonathan Hill
    Religious Practices and Charitable Giving
  • David Hoekema
    Politics and Rebirth in Africa
  • Todd Kapitula
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Stability of Nonlinear Waves
  • Laura Kapitula
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Diagnostics for Educational Value-added Models
  • Young Kim
    Epiphanius of Cyprus and the Origins of Christian Fundamentalism
  • Steven McMullen
    The Impact of Year-Round Schooling on Achievement Disparities
  • Christopher Moseley
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Geometric Control Theory
  • Marilyn Myers
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Ternary integers and Kummer's conjecture
  • Garth Pauley
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Sinners in Hands of an Angry God: A Rhetorical Account
  • Carl Plantinga
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Spectator Judge: The Poetics and Rhetoric of Moral Emotion in Narrative Film
  • Harry Plantinga
    Computer Science
    A Comprehensive Index of North American Hymnals
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Biomolecular Interactions: From Single Molecule to Bulk Measurements
  • James Skillen
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    Ecosystem Management and the Crisis of Scientific and Political Authority
  • Steven Steenwyk
    Physics & Astronomy
    A Stellar Pas de Deux: Observation and Characterization of Newly Discovered Eclipsing Binary Stars
  • Chad Tatko
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Development of Peptide Model Systems for Biocatalysis
  • Marjorie Terpstra
    Knowledge for Teaching with Technology: What Evidences can be Found in Preservice Teachers’ Work?
  • James Turner
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Research Directions in Homotopy Theory
  • David Urban
    *Through the Real: Embracing or Evading the Finite in Shakespeare, Milton, Hawthorne, and Modern Drama*
  • Jolene Vos-Camy
    Antoinette de Salvan de Saliès: A Literary Voice from Provincial 17th Century France
  • Eric Washington
    Lewis G. Jordan and the Resilience of Ethiopianist Thought in the National Baptist Convention, 1896-1921
  • Benita Wolters-Fredlund
    Hearing Canada in the Music of John Beckwith

Sabbatical leave of absence awardees

  • Patrick Bailey
    Computer Science
    Investigating the Nature of Non-Profit Organizational Ad Hoc Databases
  • Johnathan Bascom
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    The Contemporary Geography of Ethiopia
  • Jeffrey Bouman
    Service Learning
    Slow Secularization and a Seamless Coat of Learning
  • Randall Bytwerk
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    German Uses of American Rhetoric: 1937-1945
  • Kevin Corcoran
    Life Embodied: Philosophical and Theological Reflection on Being Human and Being Happy
  • David DeHeer
    Radiation Sensitivity Assay
  • Gayle Ermer
    Complexity Theory and Normative Engineering Design
  • Anna Greidanus
    Art & Art History
    The Survivors Project
  • Daniel Harlow
    Evolution, The Bible and Christian Theology
  • Johanna Kuyvenhoven
    So that Children Successfully Learn to Read: Developing Supports for more Effective Primary School Teaching of Reading in Sierra Leone
  • Matthew Lundberg
    The Blood of the Martyrs: Martyrdom as Lived Theology
  • Paul Moes
    Foundations of Psychology: Biblical Portraits of Human Nature as Guiding Principles in Psychology
  • Debra Rienstra
    “‘God writeth, Loved’: Psalms, Sonnets, and Suspended Resolution”
  • Aubrey Sykes
    Amaranth Technology Development
  • John Timmerman
    John Steinbeck's Ethics: Malory and America
  • Elizabeth Vander Lei
    Marking Time in Rhetoric and Composition Studies
  • Kurt Ver Beek
    Opportunity Lost: The impact of Debt relief in Honduras
  • Julie Walton
    Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, & Sport
    Breaking Bread: The Christian Practice of Shared and Sacred Meals
  • David Wunder
    Membrane Softening Residuals and Activated Sludge: Effects, Modeling, and Optimization