CRF awardees

  • Joel Adams
    Computer Science
    Comparing Supercomputing Topologies
  • Carolyn Anderson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Synthesis of 2-Pyridone Substituted beta- and gamma-Amino Acids
  • Eric Arnoys
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Biophysical studies of a membrane protein
  • David Benson
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Engineered Proteins for Cellular Imaging and to Understand Protein Function
  • Michael Bolt
    Mathematics & Statistics
    Optimization in complex analysis in one and several variables
  • Crystal Bruxvoort
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Examining the effects of the learning cycle approach on preservice science teachers’ implementation of inquiry-based science as a teaching methodology
  • Sergio da Silva,
    Project 1: Autonomic Response to Imagery of Receiving Forgiveness
    Project 2: NIH Grand Proposal: Compliance with CPAP Therapy and Remediation of Cognitive Dysfunction in OSA.
  • David Dornbos
    Suitability of Woody Invasive Shrubs for Cellulosic Ethanol and Carbon Sequestration in a Michigan Climate
  • Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim
    Germanic, Asian Languages & Literatures
    Building Cultural Intelligence One Story at a Time
  • Arie Griffioen
    A New Edition of Orestes Brownson's 1857 spiritual autobiography, "The Convert."
  • Stan Haan
    Physics & Astronomy
    Computer-Based studies of Non-Sequential Double Ionization
  • Jonathan Hill
    Higher Education and the Religious Beliefs and Commitments of Students: An Exploration Using the National Study of Youth and Religion.
  • Douglas Howard
    Empire of the Borderlands: The Ottomans, 1300-1923
  • Beryl Hugen
    Social Work
    Sermons/Speeches from the Conference of Charities & Corrections (1874-1940)
  • Lewis Klatt
    Cloud of Ink: Poems
  • Youngkhill Lee
    Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, & Sport
    Time for Life of Individuals with Disabilities Living in Community: Monitoring Everyday Life (Project TIME)
  • Larry Louters
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Mechanism for the acute activation of the glucose transporter, GLUT1
  • Suzanne McDonald
    John Knox for Armchair Theologians
  • Kumar Sinniah
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Characterizing the Binding Interaction of Topoisomerase I with G-Quadruplex DNA: From Single Molecule to Bulk Measurements
  • James Skillen
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    Ecosystem Management and the Crisis of Scientific and Political Authority
  • Jamie Smith
    How Worship Works: A Liturgical Phenomenology, Cultural Liturgies, Vol. 2
  • Ralph Stearley
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    Fossil Evidence for the Historical Development of Pacific Salmonid Ecosystems
  • Chad Tatko
    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Development of Peptide Based Biocatalysts for the Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene
  • Deanna van Dijk
    Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies
    Wind Erosion and Dune Changes in Winter on Lake Michigan Coastal Dunes
  • Amy Wilstermann
    Characterizing the Binding Interaction of Topoisomerase I with G-Quadruplex DNA: From Single Molecule to Bulk Measurements
  • Benita Wolters-Fredlund
    Holocaust Readings of Handel's "Judas Maccabaeus"
  • David Wunder
    Bagasse Charcoal for Water Treatment: Sorption Studies
  • Julie Yonker
    Religious Service Attendance in Older Adults: Predictors and Cognitive Outcomes

Sabbatical leave of absence awardees

  • Henk Aay
    Geology, Geography & Environmental Studies
    Reel/Real Dutch Landscapes
    A Geographical Interpretation of Documentary Films about the Netherlands Shown in the United States, 1941-1974
  • Bruce Berglund
    Cathedral and Castle in 20th-Century Central Europe: The Religious and the Modern in Architecture, Art and Thought, 1905-1939
  • Marilyn Bierling
    The Cuban Immigrant Experience within the Christian Reformed Church
  • Debra Buursma
    Exploring Educational Discourse, Difference, and Competence
  • Randy Bytwerk
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    The Nazi Propaganda System in Action
  • David Crump
    Surrendering to Paradox: A Truly Existential Understanding of New Testament Faith
  • Mary Molewyk-Doornbos
    Mental Health in our Partner Neighborhoods
  • Chad Engbers
    Out of the Depths: A Jungian Approach to Penitential Poetry
  • Simona Goi
    Political Science
    In Praise of Self-Doubt: A Critical Ethos for The Age of Certainty
  • Ruth Groenhout
    Structures of Care in Medicine
  • Lee Hardy
    Nature's Suit: Husserl's Phenomenological Philosophy of the Physical Sciences
  • Robert Hoeksema
    Making room for the rivers in the Netherlands – A study of competing interests in flood control and river restoration projects in Overijssel
  • Tom Hoeksema
    A Sabbatical in Two Parts:
    Part I – Inclusive Education: A Qualitative Investigation of Vision, Practice, and Outcomes
    art II – Biblical Reflections Through the Lens of Human Disability: Devotional Meditations
  • Kare Saupe
    Identity and Justice in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure"
  • John Schneider
    Genetic Science and Christian Theology: Rethinking Creation, Fall, and Redemption
  • Otto Selles
    "Place and Poetry": Memory, Reflection, and Longing
  • Helen Sterk
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    “Gender, Resilience, and Difficult Conversations: Negotiating Change Within Pluralistic Institutions.”
  • John Ubels
    Studies of the tear film and ocular surface: Accessory lacrimal glands and corneal epithelial galectin-3
  • Gerry Van Kooten
    Energy, Ammonites, and Volcanoes
  • Keith Vander Linden
    Computer Science
    Flexible Information Retrieval and Delivery
  • Judith Vander Woude
    Communication Arts & Sciences
    Idiom Comprehension
  • John Witvliet
    The Doctrine of God, Interdisciplinary Pedagogy, and the Practice of Corporate Worship