The purpose of this endowment fund is to facilitate the development of international programs at Calvin University. Specifically, this endowment allows Calvin to enhance existing international programs and launch new and creative international programs and initiatives. A major focus of such programs and initiatives should be on partnering with other educational institutions and with agencies of the Christian Reformed Church. These programs should benefit Calvin—its programs, students, and faculty—as well as institutions abroad.

Examples of Funded Activities

Enhance existing international programs:

Develop opportunities for faculty to strengthen and expand relationships with organizations and academic institutions (related to research and service) in existing off-campus semester program locations. Priority will be given to faculty with well thought out research projects in existing off-campus locations.  It is hoped that these initiatives will enhance Calvin University faculty’s cross-cultural exposure and strengthen the institution’s reach abroad.

Strengthen our on-campus programming to help students with their transition back to campus after an international experience, to help them connect at Calvin and beyond in light of what they have learned throughout the world, and to raise awareness of international opportunities open to students while at Calvin.

Launch new and creative international programs and initiatives:

Start-up costs for new off-campus semester programs (e.g. site visits, visits to Calvin by persons from the partner institution. 

Start-up costs for off-campus interims that show promise of bing regularly offered and an important element in the departmental offerings of the sponsoring department.  Please note that this these initiatives must have a strong partner institution in the local context. 

Innovative new programs that fit the mission of the university and expand international opportunities for faculty, staff and students during the academic year or summer (e.g. expanding service learning opportunities, developing new summer opportunities, expand opportunities for hard to serve populations like natural science majors, education majors, student athletes, nursing majors, speech pathology majors, etc.

Partnering with other international, educational institutions (Christian) and with agencies from the Christian Reformed Church

Strengthen partnerships with emerging Christian Colleges and Universities around the world through faculty development and opportunities for Calvin faculty to teach internationally.  These partnerships would be facilitated through Calvin’s relationship with the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE) which would work at developing 2 to 3 opportunities  (3 to 6 weeks long) each summer for faculty to provide professional services (teaching, mentoring, or other appropriate roles) to emerging Christian colleges and universities throughout the world.  The foreign university is expected to provide some support to the applicant, such as housing or a food allowance. 

Expenses for international visitors from other institutions and organizations, both established partners and those in the exploration phase.


Priority is given to active faculty members; requests from emeriti will be considered if funds are available.

The above list is meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive.

How to Apply for Funding

The Proposal

Applicants are encouraged to download the proposal template.

If you have additional questions please free to contact Off-Campus Programs ( 

Where to Apply

Your application should be submitted to the Director of Off-Campus Programs, as chair and budget officer of the fund.

When to Apply

Applications should be submitted by the third Monday in February for projects throughout the following academic year.

Requests received after the initial deadline will be considered if funds are available.