Annual Copyright License

Calvin has contracted with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for an annual copyright license. This license covers most documents normally distributed to students—whether paper or electronic, handout or course pack. To verify whether a document is already covered by this license, use the CCC's RightFind Academic tool (see link below). Each instructor is responsible to obtain copyright for any documents distributed to students (including through Moodle), except those included in a course pack.

For those documents not covered, the CCC will, in many cases, contact the copyright holder for copyright permission or provide information for the requester to contact the copyright holder. In both of these situations, the college's annual license with the CCC does not cover the cost of the copyright permission.

Where to Begin?

Course Packs

The Campus Store has partnered with XanEdu for course pack production and copyright compliance. The process for producing a coursepack is as follows

  1. During adoption season, a professor informs the campus store that they will adopt a coursepack for the future term. At this point, the campus store needs to know if it is a new coursepack, or one previously used.
  2. As early as possible, the professor submits the following documents to XanEdu via e-mail or file transfer (for files larger than 20MB)
    1. Coursepack order form
    2. Citation list for copyrighted materials included in the coursepack
    3. Coursepack content (only if it is new or revised)
  3. XanEdu will work with the professor to create a finalized, print-ready file, which they will send to Print Services.
  4. Print Services will print the course packs. They will deliver instructor copies to the professor and student copies to the campus store.

For copyright purposes, please include

  • ISBN (for an article, use the ISBN of the book where the article appeared)
  • Author/Editor
  • Book/Periodical Title
  • Edition and Year Published
  • Chapter Title
  • Page Number (even for newspaper articles, page numbers are necessary)
  • Publishing Company

XanEdu will check all content, ensuring it is compliant via the CCC license, special request, or pay-per-use. Any costs incurred for copyright permission will be incorporated into the final retail price of the coursepack. Securing copyright permission can take up to eight weeks, so the sooner copyright permission is requested, the better chance of having permission secured by the time the course pack is needed.

Tip: Starting a month (or so) before classes start, students can reserve their course materials through the Campus Store. Then, several weeks before classes start, the student orders are picked up and delivered to their dorms. Please keep this timeline in mind. The more course packs that can be picked up before classes start, the more students will have their materials on the first day of class.

While Printing Services usually turns a print job around quickly, course packs do take a lot of time to print. Delays can be avoided by sending jobs in early.

Campus Store Contact
Tony Campbell
586.864.6544 (please only call between 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri.)

XanEdu Contact
Madeleine Koizumi (she/her)
(800) 218-5971 ext. 6510