KIN 143/138: Costa Rica River & Rainforest Expedition

Basic information

  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Dates: 12/31/2023 - 1/13/2024
  • Cost: $3000-$3400 (estimate)

Note: This program is currently closed to new applications.

Students will trek and live out of backpacks while exploring the mountains of the Los Santos Forest Preserve and the Savagre River.

This 16 day course includes two primary phases; a land phase where students will trek and travel home to home and live our of backpacks through through the mountains of the Los Santos Forest Preserve and a water phase where students will learn the white-water based skills of swift-water rescue, river hydrology and dynamics, and white-water kayaking on the world class Savagre River. The couse will conclude with a short surf camp. Students will spend 13 nights in rural Spanish speaking Costa Rican homes, gain comprehensive backpacking and trekking skills, explore remote villages, and participate in a wide variety of cross cultural, sustainability, and adventuer activities. Students will develop cross-cultural awareness and interpersonal communication skills through daily intentional experiences. All students will be evaluated based on one pre-course research project and lesson plan, daily journaling, one reflection paper, and team participation. This course utilizes three world class locations; the Los Santos Forest Preserve, the Savagre River, Ballena Marine National Park.


2 credits


$3000-$3400 (estimate)

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Ryan Rooks

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