Special instructions for visiting student applications

  • Register for an account in our online applications system, Horizons.
  • Select: Register (Non-Calvin Students)
  • Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk. Save & Continue.
  • On the next page, select special as your Class Standing.
  • Select your citizenship. Save & Continue.
  • On the Account page, set your username and password.
  • Submit Registration.
  • Apply for the program you’re interested in, using the username and password you just created.

After your application is approved by the program director, you will need to complete a guest application to Calvin University. The Calvin Admissions Office will process your application to admit you as a guest student. You will then be able to register for your off-campus program.

If you want to participate in the trip, but do not need academic credit or evidence of attendance on a transcript, then you may pay the program cost and visitor fee and do not need to apply as a guest through Admissions.