Calvin University is committed to the training and development of all our employees to help you grow and develop career goals.

Performance development plan (PDP)

Each year supervisors complete a one-on-one performance review with their employees. In these reviews, supervisors provide feedback about the performance of the previous year and set goals for the year to come. It is Calvin’s goal to provide honest feedback to employees to help them improve in their current work and to develop the skills necessary to achieve future career goals. Supervisors should have meaningful check-in meetings with staff members on a consistent basis to discuss job performance and evaluate the completion of the goals. The annual performance review serves as an official statement of what has been discussed throughout the year between the supervisor and employee.

Here are the forms that should be filled out by an employee and their immediate supervisor:

If you identify areas of needed improvement during the performance review process, there are resources available such as on-campus or off-campus training, mentoring relationships and classes. Employees may also seek an adjustment of duties to assist in job improvement. If an employee needs help in a certain area of the job, he or she is encouraged to try to make arrangements with his or her supervisor and/or human resources to arrange for training or assistance in that area.

Professional Development and Training opportunities