Human resources works with departing staff to ensure a smooth departure.

Paid time off calculations

If a staff member resigns or retires with proper notice, he or she will be eligible to receive payment for unused paid time off. Unused paid time off cannot extend the last day worked when determining benefits coverage.The amount will be prorated based on the last day worked. If a staff member resigns without giving two weeks’ notice, any accumulated paid time off will be forfeited. In either scenario, if an employee has used more paid time off than is prorated (based on the last day worked), his or her final paycheck will be reduced to the appropriate amount.

Exit interview

An exit interview typically takes place during a staff member’s last week of employment at Calvin. We like to hear about what you’ve done, where you’re going and provide resources for your next steps. Departing employees have the option to complete an exit interview survey online or meet with a human resources representative in person.

Return of university property

Departing employees must return university property before leaving campus on their last day of employment. These items include but are not limited to office keys, ID cards, parking stickers, university credit cards and university-issued cellular phones or pagers. Technology access ends at the end of your final day.

Termination of benefits

Health, dental and vision benefits will be terminated at the end of the month of your last working day. Life insurance benefits, workers compensation and disability insurance are terminated on the last day of employment. If you are enrolled in a flexible spending account and have a remaining balance, you must request reimbursement within 30 days after ending employment for eligible expenses incurred through your last day of employment.


Under the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), any staff member who loses medical dental and/or vision insurance coverage as a result of termination of employment is eligible for continued group health and/or dental insurance coverage at his or her expense. Eligible dependents also have this option.

After your last day of employment you will receive a COBRA notice in the mail that outlines your coverage choices, costs and eligibility period. Information about COBRA coverage is available from human resources.

Life insurance conversion

Life insurance coverage ends on your last day of employment at Calvin. After your last day of employment, you will receive a life insurance conversion form that details your options. All eligible former employees have the option to convert, within 30 days, to a personal life insurance policy at their own expense. No evidence of insurability is required. For more information about converting to a personal life insurance policy, please follow the directions provided on the conversion form.

Unemployment insurance

If your employment with Calvin ends, you may qualify for unemployment insurance benefits from the State of Michigan. The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) is a benefit administered by the state government and funded by employers. For an application and eligibility information visit the state UIA website or contact your local UIA office.