The purpose of this handbook is to describe the relationship that exists between Calvin University and its staff and administrators (except those with faculty rank as defined in the Handbook for Teaching Faculty). The mission of Calvin University forms the foundation for our working community, and the success of the unviersity in living out this mission is related directly to the competence, performance and conduct of its staff members. Calvin University asks each staff member to participate in this community by being accountable to and responsible for each other. An essential element of our responsibility to the community and to one another is to strive always to "lead a life worthy of God, who has called you into his own kingdom and glory" (I Thessalonians 2:12).

The details describing the administration of the major areas mentioned in this handbook are deliberately brief. The handbook provides a reference to other sources for more detail. It is each staff member's responsibility to read this handbook and to ask for clarification of any policy that he or she does not fully understand.

Though Calvin University is an “at-will employer,” the policies, rules and regulations set forth in this handbook will, to the extent consistent with the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of Calvin University, be binding on the university, its board of trustees, officers, and staff. Changes may be made to this handbook by the university as approved by the board of trustees. Unless otherwise specified in this handbook, changes will be effective after thirty calendar days' notice. Staff members will be notified when new policies or revisions are made, and it will be their responsibility to keep up to date. The human resources office is the official source for information regarding details of employment and university-sponsored benefit plans. Statements of interpretation and application of this document must come from the human resources office.

In each staff member's letter of appointment, the conditions of employment are described in broad form. If a staff member has questions or concerns at any time about his or her employment, about the contents of this handbook, or about any policy or practice of Calvin University, he or she is encouraged to contact the human resources office.

This handbook supersedes any former written or verbal policies, handbooks or procedures. All forms, documents, policies and procedures referenced in this handbook are available in the human resources office. The human resources website provides the complete version of the Calvin University staff handbook.