Wellness room

A wellness room is provided in the Spoelhof University Center for students to practice stress management and care well for their emotional health in the course of a busy day. The room includes a massage chair, yoga mats, meditation supplies, coloring sheets, calming music, a biofeedback headband, a weighted blanket, and other stress-management tools. The room is available in increments of 30–60 minutes during business hours.

Journals & coloring books

Free wellness materials are available at the front desk of the Center for Counseling and Wellness. Students can stop by our office (SC368) during business hours to request a blank journal (for processing thoughts & feelings) or coloring book (for de-stressing).

Light box lending program

Light boxes are available for students to borrow from the Center for Counseling and Wellness for up to three weeks at a time. Light boxes are a recommended form of treatment for feelings of sadness related to limited sunlight (ex. the "winter blues"). Treatment is usually most effective when implemented upon waking at the same time every day for 20-30 minutes. Students can request to check out a light box by contacting our office.

Neurofeedback EEG headband

The Muse-2 is a brain-sensing headband that tracks brain activity during guided meditation, providing real-time feedback and training as you practice controlling focus and calming emotions. Using a free app, students can use the headband independently in our office (or in the Wellness Room) for increments of 30–60 minutes to support mental wellness and acuity.

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