You may obtain credit from other schools while studying at Calvin.

Transfer credit process

To take courses at another school during the summer or a semester away from Calvin, you will work primarily with the other school's admissions and registrar's offices.

  1. Determine the school you wish to attend and the course(s) you wish to take. Use the other school's website and resources to:
    • Find course listings.
    • Determine the course registration timeframe and process.
    • Understand tuition (residency rules may apply) and billing cycles.
  2. Obtain approval for the transfer course from Calvin.
    • Check first for pre-approved courses. Equivalencies listed in this database do not require additional approval.
    • For courses that are not pre-approved, fill out the transfer credit pre-approval form.
    • Note: major, minor, cognate or other program courses must be approved by an advisor prior to submitting the form.
  3. Apply to other school as a guest student. For Michigan schools, use the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application.
  4. Follow up on your application with the other school if needed, register for your course(s) and pay your tuition.
  5. Complete the course with a grade of C or better.
  6. Request an official transcript to be sent to Calvin for posting to your academic record.

Notes about non-transferrable coursework

  • One Biblical/Theological core must be taken at Calvin.
  • One Natural World core must be taken at Calvin.
  • Developing a Christian Mind and Integrative Studies core must be taken at Calvin.
  • At least four upper-level courses in your major must be completed at Calvin.

Notes by core area:

Professional programs have alternate core; please review your specific core requirements.

  • Written Rhetoric: Many community colleges offer a 2 course composition sequence; it takes both courses to fill WR core.
  • Rhetoric in Culture: Speech or oral communication is the most likely to be approved.
  • Health & Fitness: Courses do not have to match in title, but must have an activity component to be considered.
  • Foreign Language: You must complete the equivalent of the fourth college semester, often titled 'Intermediate II.' The sequence is Elementary I, Elementary II, Intermediate I, Intermediate II. Review the curriculum of the school you are considering for FL core.
  • History: History core must be 4 semester hours and must be Western History, World Civilizations or similarly broad in topic to be considered. U.S. History does not fill History core.
  • Religion: One religion core must be taken at Calvin. Look for courses similar in title to your required core area.
  • Natural World: Look for courses with labs in your required natural world category. It is extremly rare to find an online natural world course that has a lab component.

Potential options

The list below is a growing resource, intended to provide a starting point for commonly requested courses. This is a list of a few schools that have been commonly proposed and reviewed for equivalency. You must fill out a transfer credit pre-approval form for any proposed transfer courses.

More information

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