TRIO SSS Student Ambassadors

  • Sarah Barney

    Class of 2024
    Social Work Major

    "If you ever want to talk about music with somebody, I am your go to person - if you ever see me in TRIOpolis, please tell me your favorite song."

  • Kayla Louwsma

    Class of 2023
    Nursing Major

    "A fun fact about me is that out of all the 206 bones I have, I’ve only broken one of them…my pinky knuckle!"

  • Shelton Rodriguez

    Class of 2023
    International Development Major

  • Sean Sword

    Class of 2024
    Criminology Major

  • Alyssa Tiscareno

    Class of 2023
    Psychology Major

  • Catherine Worthington

    Class of 2022
    Spanish Major