Media relations at Calvin University is a two-pronged effort:

  1. general media relations and
  2. sports information

Both efforts are part of marketing and communicaitons at Calvin.

Matt Kucinski, a former television reporter who holds a master’s degree in communications, is Calvin’s senior writer and communications strategist. He joined Calvin’s Marketing and Communications Divison in 2008. Matt continues to provide the numerous services that working journalists have come to expect from Calvin, including:

  • an Experts Guide
  • over-the-phone assistance in contacting Calvin professors for expert commentary
  • news tips and advisories via whichever method is best for the journalist
  • photos and video of Calvin faculty, staff, and students

We recommend faculty, staff and students review Freedom of Expression at Calvin University that includes rationale, clarity, and frequently asked questions around community expectations and procedures.


Matt K.

Matthew Kucinski

Senior Writer and Communications Strategist
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John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman

Associate Director of Public Relations
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Sports information

Sports information is supervised by Jeff Febus, sports information coordinator. He is ably assisted by a number of Calvin students, and their work can be found on Services to working journalists are many and include:

  • seasonal media guides for fall, winter, and spring sports
  • arrangement of interviews with coaches and athletes
  • news releases via whatever method is best for the journalist
  • photos and video of Calvin coaches and athletes


Jeffrey Febus

Jeffrey Febus

Associate Director of Sports Information
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Additional publicists

In addition, to the work of Matt and Jeff, there are a few other publicists who work on Calvin's campus for specific areas of the college. Those interested in music, art, and theatre should contact those publicists directly.


Brent Williams
Center Art Gallery
Covenant Fine Arts Center 139F
(616) 526-6947

Visual and Performing Arts

Kristen Pearson
Visual & Performing Arts
Covenant Fine Arts Center
(616) 526-8760

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Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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