July 30, 2013 | Matt Kucinski

Every summer, hundreds of Calvin students scatter across the U.S. and around the world, researching, interning and exploring. This summer, some of these students are keeping us informed about their adventures. Next up: Adam Wiersma of Holland, Mich., a 2013 international development studies grad from Calvin College. This summer, Adam's cycling coast to coast for a good cause.

Where are you?

Cycling across North America from Los Angeles, Calif. to New York City, N.Y..

Why are you there?

I am participating in Sea to Sea, a cross-continental bicycle tour to raise money and awareness for the fight against the cycle of poverty. 

What’s your typical day like?

Wake up before dawn, eat breakfast and pack lunch, ride for around 70 miles (depending on elevation change, etc.), share about our cause along the way, arrive at the next days camp, set up our tents, eat dinner, meet with our small groups, and rest up to do it again the next day.

What (technically) are you doing?

Participating in a nine-week, cross-continental bicycle tour from Los Angeles, Calif. to New York City, N.Y. that averages 70 miles per day. The tour is sponsored by the Reformed Church of America, World Renew of the Christian Reformed Church of North America and Partners Worldwide. The aim of this tour is to raise awareness as well as funds to help end the cycle of poverty. The money raised will be distributed between the sponsoring organizations as well as local efforts.

What (in layperson's terms) are you doing?

Biking across the country.

How has Calvin prepared you for this?

While studying international development, Calvin taught me how to love and care for our neighbors, whether they are down the road or across the globe. Calvin has helped structure a perspective that while no single effort is conclusive, we must act, take a step and join God in the good work He is already doing.

What has surprised you so far?

The remarkable sense of community that has already been built between the riders.

How do you see this shaping your future?

This tour will further my passion for doing the work of God's Kingdom and caring for His people. It will be another experience in which I will be challenged spiritually leading to a further enhanced perspective of humility. I anticipate building solid relationships based on Christ that will last long after the tour is over.

Best thing you’ve eaten?

Every meal the wonderful kitchen volunteers have prepared for us!

Best picture you’ve taken?

Our entire group lined up on the west coast dipping our back tires into the Pacific Ocean.

What’s gone wrong?

There have been a few injuries in the first days as well as extreme heat.

Met anybody memorable?

Every cyclist here has a unique and fascinating story of how God has worked in their life!

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