April 01, 2011 | Myrna Anderson

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Calvin removes credit limit

New interims for 2012

Venema's white water

Hawks raise concern on campus


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HPERDS moves online

“We’re very enthused. I like to think of it as allowing students to clasp the crag with virtual hands.”

Inspired by the news of part-time physics and astronomy teacher Andrew Vanden Heuvel’s nomination for 2011 Online Teacher of the Year, Calvin’s department of health, physical education, recreation, dance & sport (HPERDS) has debuted several classes in a new virtual format. Rock Climbing I and II (PER 141 and PER 142), Water Aerobics (PER 110), Nordic Walking (PER 102) and a number of other core physical education and recreation classes can now be taken online.

Campus Recreation Coordinator Ryan Walter Rooks, one of the chief architects of the new format, shared his rationale for the move with the Muskegon Chronicle: “The combination of mental calisthenics and physical engagement with computers creates for users a condition similar to the  Zen-like state master climbers experience on the wall. I’d say no, almost nothing is lost in translation.” 

By Andrew Steiner, Contibuting Writer

A pot on an open fire

The Calvin walk

Playing Nintendo

Ryan Martinie

Abandoned books and shoes

News in Brief

CIT launches e-mail initiative

Calvin’s information technology department has developed a new software program that effectively turns nasty e-mails into pleasant and polite e-mails thus eliminating the need for retraction from a recipient’s mailbox and sender’s remorse.  An e-mail that might previously have read “I was appalled at your utter lack of common sense concerning the foolish proposal presented at yesterday’s meeting,” would automatically convert to “I was dazed by your ability to rationalize the justification of the suggestion  presented yesterday. Can we meet for coffee and talk?” The new software, PoliteKnight, is currently being applied to all on-campus computers.

See last year's story on Human Resources' job-sharing initiative.

By Lynn Rosendale, Publisher

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