Calvin University Named Scholarship Program copy

A Customized Encounter

Designed to maximize your time with your scholarship recipient(s), the reimagined Named Scholarship Program allows you to connect with your student(s) in a way that works best for you.

Virtual Scholarship Program

October 7, 2021

Through this online event, you can join the Calvin community for an evening of inspiration as we hear testimonies from scholarship recipients, share university highlights, feature scholarship donor stories, and enjoy the talents of student musicians

Three Options

In addition to the virtual Scholarship Program, you have the option to personally connect with your scholarship recipient through one additional avenue (dependent on current COVID-19 restrictions). More details, dates, and how to sign up will be sent later this summer.

Formal dinner

Feel part of something bigger

Select this option and join other donors and students at a formal Scholarship Dinner on campus at the Prince Conference Center. Four dinners will be offered in October and November, and you will be assigned an evening based on scholarship affinity. We’ll send you your specific date this summer.

One-on-One Experience

Enjoy a quieter connection

Choosing a one-on-one meeting with your scholarship recipient(s) means you can get to know them over coffee, lunch, or dinner on campus in the Youngsma Center. These more intimate opportunities will be available starting mid-September

Virtual Conversation

Connect wherever you are

If distance or circumstances limit your ability to join us on campus, you can pick a virtual conversation and get to know your scholarship recipient(s) through a phone or video call. Our team will take care of the logistics, and you can enjoy the personal connection. These opportunities will be available starting mid-September.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or call (616) 526-6090.