Peter Kreeft

Peter Kreeft

  • Peter Kreeft
  • Professor of philosophy at Boston College

Peter Kreeft is Professor of Philosophy at Boston College and has taught at numerous other institutions including Villanova University, Fordham University, St. Peter's College, Haverford College, and St. Joseph's College. Dr. Kreeft is a well-known author and lecturer on topics related to philosophy, ethics, theology, and culture.

He has authored over 35 books including: C.S. Lewis For the third Millennium, The Shadowlands of C.S. Lewis, Back to Virtue: Traditional Moral Wisdom for Modern Moral Confusion, and The Refutation of Moral Relativism. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. from Fordham University and he pursued postgraduate studies at Yale University. He has been the recipient of a number of fellowships including the Yale-Sterling Fellowship, the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, the Danforth Asian Religions Fellowship, and the Newman Alumni Scholarship.

Presentations at Calvin University

How to Win the Culture War
Part of the: January Series
Monday, January 25, 1999 12:30:00 PM
Covenant Fine Arts Center Auditorium

Publication(s) for this event

Doors in the Walls of the World: Signs of Transcendence in the Human Story

Doors in the Walls of the World: Signs of Transcendence in the Human Story
by Peter Kreeft
Ignatius Press (August 2, 2018)

Two Arguments for Immortality from the Human Heart
Part of the: Stob Lecture Series
Wednesday, October 19, 1988 07:00:00 PM
Calvin Theological Seminary


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