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Jacob, a white man with grey hair and glasses, wears a white-collar shirt in a professional headshot in front of a yellow background.

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  • Jacob Goldstein
  • Journalist and Podcast Host

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Jacob Goldstein is an NPR correspondent and podcast host. His interest in technology and the changing nature of work has led him to stories on UPS, the Luddites, and the history of light. He graduated from Stanford University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

His current work looks at the big picture of new technologies such as AI and the future of work. In the short term, these new advancements may put people out of work. However, Goldstein looks at the history of technology breakthroughs and social revolts to tell a story of a more optimistic future.

Goldstein currently co-hosts the podcast What’s Your Problem? and is the former host of Planet Money. His work has appeared in New York Times Magazine, This American Life, and Morning Edition. He is also the author of the book, Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing.

Presentations at Calvin University

Technology, Luddites, and the Future of Work
Part of the: January Series
Monday, January 29, 2024 12:30:00 PM

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Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing

Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing
by Jacob Goldstein
Hachette Books (September 8, 2020)
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