Hessel Bouma III

Hessel Bouma

  • Hessel Bouma III
  • Biology Professor, Calvin College

Every day in the U.S., 7,000 people die when medical treatment is ended by choice. Thousands of other Americans have serious but non-fatal conditions that cause them to endure considerable pain and suffering. Whether or not they are dying, some plead, "Take my life, please!" In Michigan, where more than 40 individuals have asked Dr. Jack Kevorkian to help them die, public opinion polls show a majority support his efforts and the legalization of physician-assisted suicide. Hessel Bouma III, professor of Biology at Calvin College and recognized expert on Christian biomedical ethics, will explore such questions as: May we take our own lives? Should physicians aid us? What moral issues are at stake? What are our alternatives?

Presentations at Calvin University

Take My Life, Please! The Morality of Physician-Assisted Suicide
Part of the: January Series
Wednesday, January 15, 1997 12:30:00 PM
Covenant Fine Arts Center Auditorium


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