Elizabeth Achtemeier

Elizabeth Achtemeier

  • Elizabeth Achtemeier
  • Preacher, lecturer, and writer

Well known throughout the United States and Canada as a preacher, lecturer, and writer, Elizabeth Achtemeier is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and adjunct professor of Bible and Homiletics at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA. Dr. Achtemeier is the author of 20 books, including her two most recent publications, The Old Testament Roots of Our Faith, co-authored with husband, Dr. Paul J. Achtemeier, and Not My Own: Abortion and the Marks of the Church, co-authored with Terry Schlossberg of Presbyterians Pro-Life. Dr. Achtemeier will explore our society's theological relativism and loss of biblical authority, the feminist rejection of the Scriptures and its result, and the response that the church should make to such problems.

Presentations at Calvin University

Scripture, Feminism, and Faithfulness
Part of the: January Series
Friday, January 10, 1997 12:30:00 PM
Covenant Fine Arts Center Auditorium


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