Carol Bremer-Bennett

Carol Bremer-Bennett

  • Carol Bremer-Bennett 
  • The Executive Director of World Renew – U.S.


Ms. Carol Bremer-Bennett is World Renew's U.S. Executive Director. She is born to the To’aheedliinii (Waters Flow Together) Clan and born for the Todich’iinii (Bitter Water) Clan of the Navajo Nation. Bremer-Bennett is an educator by training, with a B.A. from Calvin College and a Master's from Western New Mexico University.

Ms. Bremer-Bennett extensive experience in Christian ministry spans more than 25 years of organizational leadership, leadership development and administration.

She is humbled to be a beloved and adopted daughter of God. Adoptions have played an ongoing role in her story. Five of her six children are adopted. She and husband Theo Bremer-Bennett have three children of Navajo descent and three of Ethiopian descent. Their family motto is: the African bus is never full!

Presentations at Calvin University:

Beyond the Golden Rule: Don’t Do for Others What They Can Do for Themselves
Part of the: Faith and International Development

Thursday, February 7, 2019  (7:00 PM–7:30 PM EST)
Covenant Fine Arts Center


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