Bryan Dik

Bryan Dik

  • Bryan Dik
  • Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University, Cofounder and Chief Science Officer of Career Analytics Network/jobZology, Author

Bryan J. Dik is Associate Professor of Psychology at Colorado State University and Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of jobZology, a software and consulting company that uses psychological assessment to connect students and job-seekers with meaningful work. His B.A. in psychology is from Calvin College and his Ph.D. is from the University of Minnesota. Bryan's research explores perceptions of work as a calling; meaning, purpose, religion and spirituality in career decision-making and planning; measurement of vocational interests; and career development interventions. He has published extensively on these topics and has served on editorial boards for seven career development research journals. Bryan is co-author of Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work, and co-editor of two other books: Psychology of Religion and Workplace Spirituality and Purpose and Meaning in the Workplace. Bryan is a Fellow in the America Psychological Association and Society for Counseling Psychology, and received an Early Career Professional Award from the Society for Vocational Psychology. He lives with his wife Amy and their four sons in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Presentations at Calvin University

How to Find and Live Your Calling: Lessons from the Psychology of Vocation
Part of the: January Series
Friday, January 20, 2017 12:30:00 PM
Covenant Fine Arts Center Auditorium


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