Uncommon Decency

Uncommon Decency

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  • Published: August 17, 2010
  • Publisher: IVP Press
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Uncommon Decency

Can Christians act like Christians even when they disagree? In these wild and diverse times, right and left battle over the airwaves, prolifers square off against prochoicers, gay liberationists confront champions of the traditional family, artists and legislators tangle, even Christians fight other Christians whose doctrines aren't "just so." Richard Mouw has been actively forging a model of Christian civil conversation with those we might disagree with―atheists, Muslims, gay activists and more. He is concerned that, too often, Christians have contributed more to the problem than to the solution. But he recognizes―from his dialogues with those from many perspectives―that it's not easy to hold to Christian convictions and treat sometimes vindictive opponents with civility and decency.


"Dr. Mouw models wisdom, humility, compassion and civility--and he does so without compromising the convictions of his beliefs. . . if every Christian household took the words of Uncommon Decency to heart, our lights would shine so much more brightly in a nation that urgently needs an image of Christ-like citizenship from our body of believers." (Dwight Baker, Christian Retailing, December 2011)

"A powerful read with a stronger message, very highly recommended." (James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review, November 2010)

"This book is right on target and just in time--when Christians in the same churches and denominations have trouble talking to one another. Spiritual leaders in these churches and denominations need to embody and practice it." (Southwestern Journal of Theology)

"A convincing case. . . . We can think of so many people who need to read this book, even as we suspect most of them think it would do us a heap of good. They're probably right." (First Things)

"Mouw convincingly argues that the need for civility is pressing. The virtue is nearly extinct. Civility is a Christian virtue whereby we enter public discussions with a strong conviction of Christian truth, a willingness to learn from those with whom we disagree, and a desire to honor the humanity of even our fiercest foe. Civility is not a passive politeness that defers to everyone and stands for nothing. Neither is it relativistic. It is a mannerly demeanor in which an inner intensity never overpowers self-restraint or rational discourse. . . . The book articulates an urgent message Christians should take to heart." (Christianity Today)

"Uncommon Decency is an arousing call to Christians everywhere that our deepest convictions have to be tempered with civility, especially in this time of increasing partisan rancor and cultural division. To those who want to truly transform the world, Mouw reminds us that we will be most effective when we persuade others with patience, tolerance and compassion." (D. Michael Lindsay, author of Faith in the Halls of Power)

"Although populism is by no means the only source of today's toxic political discourse, it has often done more to fan flames of resentment than to model civil disagreement. Uncommon Decency should be required reading not only for politicians, talk show hosts, and public intellectuals but also for everyday Christians seeking to represent the Lord faithfully in public." (Bruce Riley Ashford, Christianity Today, September 2018)


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