John Milton

John Milton

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    • P. J. Klemp
  • Published: October 10, 2011
  • Publisher: Duquesne University Press
  • Page count: 650
  • ISBN: 0820704431

John Milton

This comprehensive bibliography covers a ten-year period (1989-1999) in Milton studies and criticism, a period notable for both the quality and quantity of Milton scholarship produced, as well as for the many critical methodologies employed to examine and interpret Milton and his writings.

This bibliography annotates over 2,400 works, surveying books, articles, collections, and dissertations, as well as editions and translations of Milton's own works. This study also documents thousands of reviews of Milton scholarship from this period.

The third and final volume of Calvin Huckabay's celebrated series of Milton bibliographies of twentieth century Milton scholarship, this particular bibliography stands out for its unique combination of comprehensive coverage and exceptionally detailed and thorough annotations.


“A comprehensive, meticulously edited guide to a significant period in the history of Milton scholarship.  An indispensable source for every serious student of Milton.”

Sixteenth Century Journal

“Crisply annotated Milton bibliography [contains] 2411 numbered entries of articles, books, reviews, collections, illustrations, translations, collections, and dissertations. A bibliography should be attractive in appearance, spacious, not cramped, actually inviting reading; and this bibliography scores high. Duquesne’s editors are to be commended. . . . A well-done bibliography on any subject should above all assist researchers laboring to assemble all relevant materials to their ends; and this Milton collection exemplifies the very pinnacle of such efforts.”

Seventeenth-Century News

“This book lists editions, translations, dissertations, and other scholarship published about John Milton and his works from 1989 to 1999. Urban's priorities included more annotations that are longer and more substantive than in earlier volumes, more book reviews containing relevant and useful scholarly commentary, and more critical material in the translations of Paradise Lost into more than ten languages other than English. Miltonists are deeply indebted to Urban for this valuable and comprehensive effort. Highly recommended.”



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