All That God Cares About

All That God Cares About

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  • Published: June 16, 2020
  • Publisher: Baker Publishing
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All That God Cares About

How do Christians account for the widespread presence of goodness in a fallen world? Richard Mouw, one of the most influential evangelical voices in America, presents his mature thought on the topic of common grace. Addressing a range of issues relevant to engaging common grace in the 21st century, Mouw shows how God takes delight in all things that glorify him--even those that happen beyond the boundaries of the church--and defends the doctrine of common grace from its detractors.


"In this winsome book, Mouw takes readers on an enlightening tour of the theologies of creation, redemption, and eschatology undergirding his hopeful theology of common grace. Irenic but never shy to respond to critique, Mouw gives us a book that will engage and inform readers from a wide range of theological standpoints. A delight to read!"
--J. Todd Billings, Western Theological Seminary

"Vincent van Gogh once said, 'The great thing is to gather new vigor in reality.' This is exactly what Mouw is doing in All That God Cares About. He is gathering new vigor for our undivided attention to the reality of God's world. Rather than sludging through the embattled history of the doctrine of common grace in our Calvinian camps, Mouw compels us to apprehend and admire the coruscations of God's glory shed abroad in this fallen world."
--Tim Blackmon, chaplain, Wheaton College

"God takes delight! Mouw has given many of us the gift of that truth through his writing and speaking and very being! In this clearly written book he engages many thinkers to help us know that redemption is cosmic in scope and to help us appreciate the work of the Holy Spirit beyond the boundaries of the Christian community."
--Katherine Leary Alsdorf, senior advisor, Global Faith & Work Initiatives, Redeemer City to City

"While this book is a thoughtfully crafted exploration of the doctrine of common grace, it is also a fascinating piece of theological autobiography. In it, one of our era's great irenic Christian thinkers shares his exploration of his Calvinist tradition, centered on his richly textured view of the distinctly Calvinistic idea of common grace. And because Mouw shows us his Calvinism through the lens of common grace, he lets us see how he views God and God's world. What a thing to share!"
--James Eglinton, New College, University of Edinburgh


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