Timely warnings

Basic information

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    • Current Students
    • Full-time faculty
    • Instructor
    • Staff
    • Part-Time/Adjunct

When a crime is reported to the Campus Safety Office or a Campus Security Authority, either on or off campus that is deemed to be an ongoing or continuing threat to the Calvin community, a campus-wide Crime Alert will be issued to serve as a timely warning and to aid in the prevention of similar crimes. The Campus Safety Director, Campus Safety Supervisor, or Dispatch Manager will develop the content of this warning. A copy of the crime alert will be posted on the Calvin Campus Safety website, and fliers may be posted in the residence halls and Knollcrest East. If the timely warning affects areas other than on campus living, fliers will be sent to the emergency liaisons of each department to post around campus. Alerts will typically also be posted in Student News if off campus students need to receive the alert information.

Factors for Determining Method of Communication

Communication methods will be employed based on a number of factors that will be evaluated for each individual incident. These factors include the nature and extent of the threat, the technology available in the building or area, the time of day the incident has occurred, etc. Other communication methods besides the methods previously mentioned may include door-to-door notification, social networking sites, portable radios, city’s outdoor warning sirens, handheld bullhorns, and mass media.


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