Manner and Method of Dissent (Protest Policy)

Basic information

  • Applies to:
    • Current Students
  • Approved by:
    • Student Conduct
  • Last updated: October 16, 2014

While recognizing that constructive protest and discussion of issues are vital in a university community, the university also recognizes an obligation to maintain on the campus an atmosphere conducive to academic work and the respect of private rights of all individuals. Therefore, the following guidelines govern student protests and demonstrations:

  1. Student demonstrations (marching, picketing, silent vigils, etc.) are to be registered for information with the Student Senate and with the Campus Involvement and Leadership no later than one day preceding the occurrence.
  2. Sponsoring organizations, their officers, and all individual participants, will be held responsible for their conduct in demonstrations.
  3. Student demonstrations are to be conducted in an orderly manner and are not to interfere with the normal operations of the college.
  4. The privilege of on campus student demonstrations is not extended to organizations or students not directly affiliated with Calvin.

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