Grading Systems

Basic information

Grades given during the regular semester are designated by letters A through F, with A signifying excellent work and F signifying failure. Additional possible grades are: I, incomplete; W, authorized withdrawal; and N, unauthorized withdrawal. Grades given for honors credit are preceded by the letter H (i.e., HA-). Once completed, an incomplete remains noted with the new grade; this does not lower the calculated grade (i.e. IA-).

For purposes of averaging grades, the following numerical values or grade points are assigned to each of the above grades: A, four points per course; B, three; C, two; D, one. A plus-grade is computed at three-tenths of a point above these figures and a minus-grade at three-tenths below. Grades for courses completed as transfer credit or in cooperative programs at other colleges and universities are recorded on students’ records but are not included in the compilation of their average at Calvin.



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