Peter V. Tigchelaar

Peter Tigchelaar


  • BA, Calvin College, 1963
  • MS, University of Illinois, 1966
  • PhD, University of Illinois, 1970
  • Post doc - Indiana University School of Medicine, 1970
  • Post doc - University of Illinois, 1971

Professional Experience

  • Professor of Physiology - Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Research programs in the past included areas within reproductive biology
  • Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry advisor for about 30 years (longest tenure in the state)


Dr. Tigchelaar has served in the Biology department for over thirty years, leaving a major impact on the department in many ways. His past research programs have focused upon areas within reproductive biology. His work as a Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental advisor has been a passion for over thirty years; he also holds the longest tenure in the state for this role. Dr. Tigchelaar enjoys spending time with his family, including his seven grandchildren. He and his spouse have also given various dance lessons together. Dr. Tigchelaar enjoys singing, occasionally soloing in churches and plays the trombone. Dr. Tigchelaar keeps a bottomless jar of Wilhelmina mints in his office.


Calvin College Professor of the Year 2010


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