Jake Bosmeijer

Jake Bosmeijer


Chief engineer, Devos Communication Center

Jake Bosmeijer manages all of the technology in the DeVos Communication Center, including video and audio studios, editing suites, and associated control rooms. Born in the Netherlands, he studied at the HTS-A a college of the University of Amsterdam where he received his degree in electronics, computer science and business management. He moved to Michigan in 1979 and worked 14 years at a large corporation as manager of communications technology. He has been a consultant on various ventures, from point-of-sale kiosks to the design and installation of sound and video for worship, and has managed projects ranging from Web sites and video programs to creative content asset management.

As of recently his professional collaborative work with students has been with the Grand Rapids Area Council for the Humanities (PBS local foods documentary, Great Women, Great Voices,Generations Share Readings), The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding (Social Behavior MappingDefine MeGrowing up Social), John Hamersma (Color and Contrast audio CD), Grand Rapids Fire department (Unattended and Overloaded 30 second spots), Faith Alive Christian Resources (Origins) a DVD for discussion groups.


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