Roosevelt Park Ministries ESL Program Intern

Basic information

  • Organization: Roosevelt Park Ministries
  • Department(s):
  • Field(s): Spanish, Education, Communications, Marketing
  • Duration: Available Fall 2019/Winter, Spring, Summer 2020
  • Paid? No

Work alongside Director of Programs to sustain, evaluate, and manage the English as a Second Language Program.

Work alongside Director of Programs to sustain, evaluate, and manage the English as a Second Language Program.  Roosevelt Park Ministries, a non-profit organization located in the Roosevelt Park area of Grand Rapids, is seeking an intern to work intensively with the ESL Program.  The internship requires 8-10 hours per week for 12-15 weeks, and days and hours can be negotiated. We will have these positions mostly available during the fall and in January 2020 unless we start a tutoring program before. The internship is unpaid


  1. Develop documents for curriculum
  2. Teach one or more sections of English twice or more days per week
  3. Tutor in one or more sections of English if needed
  4. Update and track online data and attendance
  5. Develop marketing materials for ESL
  6. Develop surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative data
  7. Recruit volunteers
  8. Communicate directly with the volunteer teachers or director


  1. Bi-lingual Spanish/English skills required
  2. Strong listening, relationship skills with a history of treating people with dignity and respect
  3. Basic computer skills required
  4. Interest in Education and/or Communications and Marketing preferred

About us:

Roosevelt Park Ministries provides Christ-centered, holistic support to individuals and families living in and around the Roosevelt Park area.  RPM bridges a community in need by promoting the development of strong families and community leaders, fostering an environment that celebrates inclusion, and providing opportunities to build strong economic bases.  RPM was established through an initiative of deacons of Roosevelt Park Community CRC in partnership with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (World Renew) and is based on the Christian Community Development model developed by Dr. John Perkins. Incorporated in 1996, RPM is a separate non-profit organization responsible for its own program development and funding.

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