Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

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The Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) offers programs for undergraduate and post graduate research. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the multitude of scientific activities at the field station.

The RMBL summer education program is centered on student research, and is an excellent way to decide if a career in field biology is right for you. Students are immersed in an active scientific community with up to 160 scientists, postdocs, graduate students, undergraduates, staff, and family members living onsite. With this critical mass of ecologists in a single location, the scientific activity is on high speed all summer.

In this program, students will work with a mentor to develop a testable hypothesis, gather field data, analyze it and produce metadata, as well as produce a written and oral report.


There are a substantial number of full and partial scholarships, so financial need should not stop students from applying. Students will receive various levels of support, up to and including a stipend, depending on the strength of the application, financial need, and ethnic background.


Students should have a sincere interest in a career in field biology research. Fieldwork is difficult, and often tedious. We are looking for students with the mental and intellectual maturity to commit to hard work. Accepted students have the option of turning their research into a Senior Thesis at their home institution.

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