Migrant Legal Aid Legal Assistant Intern

Basic information

  • Organization: Migrant Legal Aid
  • Department(s):
  • Field(s): Pre-Law, Social Work, Political Science, Business, Communications, Spanish
  • Duration: Fall 2019 and Winter/Spring/Summer 2020
  • Paid? No

Migrant Legal Aid provides an array of legal services to the migrant worker community.

Migrant Legal Aid is looking for a Spanish-speaking intern to work part time.  The ideal candidate will have superb organizational skills, the ability to work both as an individual and as a member of a team, and a dedication to helping the less fortunate in the Grand Rapids community.  The intern at Migrant Legal Aid will be expected to work a minimum of 10 hours/week.  The schedule will be flexible, although it is preferable if the intern works during one or two days of the week for a longer amount of time, rather than working several times a week.  This is an unpaid internship that could be completed for academic credit at Calvin through English 380, Communications 346, or Business 359, with instructor approval. 


  1. Fluency in Spanish and English
  2. Strong oral and written communication skills
  3. The ability to work in a multicultural environment
  4. Demonstrated interest in civil rights and/or social justice
  5. Stellar academic achievement
  6. Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  7. Major in Sociology, Social Work, and/or Spanish


  1. Answering phone
  2. Assisting with interpretation during client interviews
  3. Researching law matters
  4. Performing some administrative tasks, such as filing or mailings

About us

Migrant Legal Aid helps migrant farm workers stand up for their right to safe housing, safe working conditions, and their right to earn a fair wage.  Migrant workers have struggled to maintain basic human dignity, including lack of bathroom facilities, dangers posed by pesticides, and discrimination.  Because of their poverty, their transitory lifestyle, and their language difficulties, many face barriers to civil legal services.  Out of this need, the legal community in Michigan formed the Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project, also known as Migrant Legal Aid.  Migrant Legal Aid provides an array of legal services to the migrant worker community. 



Mary Bennett
Office Manager
1104 Fuller Ave., N.E.
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Phone: 616-454-5055 
Fax: 616-454-7022


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