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Aloha to all pursuers of knowledge, experiences and passion: Big Island Farms, Big island Table Experience (BITE), and World Sacred Gardens would like to invite you to join our upcoming Hawaii internship programs, here on our organic permaculture farm.

We are currently accepting applicants for our Spring 2017 / Summer 2017 Internships and beyond! Big Island Farms is located on the tropical Hamakua coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, five miles from the breathtaking Waipio Valley and historic Honokaa Town. The quaint but thriving local community is interconnected with 10 of the world’s 14 available microclimates ranging from vibrant jungle to arid desert tundra this ancient and sacred island lends Big Island Farms a culturally and biologically rich environment. Boasting the tallest mountain “Mauna Kea”, the worlds most active volcano, “Kiluaea” and the largest mountain “Mauna Loa” (in cubic feet) , the Big Island of Hawaii is a treasure of geological extremes like no where else on Earth.
Big Island Farms and Orchards began simply with a decade long effort to restore and revitalize the soil, flora and fauna of the land. After many years of allowing the natural ecosystems to re-establish themselves and create a biodynamic ecology our team began this mission. Mowing grasses that at times reach six to ten feet high and virtually impenetrable we have reclaimed the orchards and farm lands establishing new gardens and orchards along the way. Our team came together sharing a common vision of sustainability, community, and the desire to live off the land. We are searching for like-minded individuals who we can share our knowledge with and who can also leave their mark with us.
Through our interdisciplinary education model, which incorporates classes, tangible hands on experience, field trips and guest speakers, students will actively pursue their passions, learn to broaden their world views, and work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.  Come be an active participant in a progressive learning environment and expand your horizons through the Big Island Farms Internship Program!  We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2017 / Summer 2017. Internship spots are limited, hurry to APPLY NOW. 


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The Ideal Big Island Farms Intern Candidate: You are a person who is looking to further expand their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in the field you are most passionate about. You know how to find purpose and happiness in applying effort and focus to the things you love. You respect other people’s perspective and opinion while maintaining your unique outlook on the world. You wish to support and inspire your peers in their success, parallel to your own. You are a self-motivated leader, who aspires to be the greatest person … (Full App!)

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