Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center Internship

Basic information

We will have funds to support 4-5 undergraduate students to work on Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC, projects on the Michigan State University (MSU) campus this summer through the GLBRC Education and Outreach program. Please bring this research opportunity to the attention of qualified student candidates.

Criteria for selection:

Absolute requirements:
·       Undergraduates currently enrolled in a four-year program
·       Not an incoming freshman or graduating senior
Strong preference will be given to:
·       Non-MSU students
·       Members of an under-represented group in science
·       First in their family to attend college
·       Students at small colleges without broad research facilities
·       Demonstrated interest in a career in bioenergy research


Stipends will be $5,000 per student for 10 weeks. There are also funds available for housing assistance if needed.


This year's application deadline has passed.

Applications are due by Wednesday February 1, 2017.

A link to the application is below:

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