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CSHL's Undergraduate Research Program (URP) provides one of the few places where young people are instructed in the techniques of modern biology while becoming integrated members of a vibrant scientific community. Each year, approximately 25 students from around the world are accepted to the fully subsidized, 10-week summer program to work with senior laboratory staff members on independent research projects in cancer biology, neuroscience, plant biology, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, and computational biology.

Molecular Biology & Cancer,   Genetics & Genomics,  Neuroscience,   Plant Biology,  Quantitative Biology

The Undergraduate Research Program is a 10-week summer research experience that engages students in a first-rate research project as they become part of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s exceptional scientific community. Students take part in a short summer curriculum encompassing a range of topics, from Python programming to career planning. Current sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply.

The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) at CSHL provides an opportunity for undergraduate scientists from around the world to conduct first-rate research. Students learn the scientific process, technical methods and theoretical principles, and communicate their discoveries to other scientists. Approximately 25 students come to CSHL each summer for the 10-week program, living and working in the exciting laboratory environment.

In addition to doing research in the lab, URP participants attend a series of specially designed workshops, seminars and collegial events. Workshops focus on learning particular skills, such as Python programming, while seminars cover research topics, responsible conduct of research, and career development. At the URP Symposium at the end of each summer, students present their research to the entire SCHL community.

URP participants live and work among CSHL scientists. They are invited to all laboratory social activities, including two exclusive dinners—one with CSHL President Bruce Stillman and one with Chancellor emeritus and Nobel Prize winner James Watson. On weekends, students are free to explore nearby New York City or the sandy beaches of Long Island.

By the end of the summer, URP participants have first-hand experience of a career in scientific research.


In addition to free room and board, students receive a $5,000 stipend for the summer.


This year's application deadline has passed.

Applications are due by Friday January 15, 2016.

Students of any nationality are eligible for the program. Students should have a strong academic background in a science. Although the program emphasizes the biological sciences, students with engineering, chemistry, computer science, math, or physics backgrounds are also encouraged to apply. Students must be returning to an undergraduate degree program following their URP summer research experience; current sophomores and juniors, or the equivalent, are eligible. Only in exceptional cases will first-year undergraduate students, with prior independent research experience, be considered. Previous laboratory research experience will help your application but is not required.

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