2019 Program Changes

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  • Sent: January 1, 2019
  • Expires: December 31, 2019
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The Computer Science department has made some significant changes to its academic offerings!

The Department of Computer Science has made the following program changes for Fall, 2019:

  • The old BS degree in CS has been replaced by the CS+X program, which requires coordinated study in some other discipline (termed X). For details, see the updated BS in CS webpage.
  • The IS program has been replaced by the Data Science program
  • The DC program has been modified and shifted to the Communication Department. For details, see the new DC program page.
  • The ABET-accredited BCS degree now has reduced core curriculum requirements. The details of this core will be shown in the new course catalog when it is ready.

These changes are significant, so current students should discuss the ramifications with their advisors in October. The department will support the previous programs for existing students, but you may find it to your advantage to switch to one of the modified programs in the 2019 course catalog.


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