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Your donations ensure the legacy of the Reformation for future generations and facilitate quality research and education.

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Giving to our endowment

We are pleased to announce that our Endowment Fund has reached $2 million. We hope that you will consider helping us bring that total closer to our target of $5 million over the next five years. Reaching the $5 million mark will ensure the Meeter Center’s lasting impact on Reformation scholarship. Contributions at any level help us get closer to our goal! Contact the Calvin Advancement Office if you are interested in remembering the Meeter Center in your will and other planned gifts.

Friends of the Meeter Center Fund

Contribute yearly to our Friends of the Meeter Center Fund as a way of supporting the Meeter Center's reputation for excellence in academic and local communities. This fund is used to supplement our yearly budget, bolstering visiting scholar fellowships and community educational events.

Donation levels:
  • Supporter $50
  • Donor $100
  • Promoter $250
  • Advocate $500
  • Partner $1000
  • Benefactor $5000

Donating to our Rare Book Fund

Rare Book Fund contributions have been invaluable as we seek to enlarge our collection of John Calvin’s works. We combine an approach of careful handling and open access, so that anyone who wishes to see and handle one of our rare books may do so. As our collection grows, so does our reputation as one of the foremost centers on Calvinism and the Reformation. For those who donate $500 or more, we print a nameplate in honor of a person of your choice and place it inside one of our Rare Books.

Support from our Donors is deeply appreciated. Many thanks.

If you would like to contribute to any of these three funds, please fill out the form online, or print and mail it.