There is a wide range of possible activity that could improve education through research or intervention, and it is legitimate and valuable for Christian scholars in general to be engaged in this activity; however, the specific role of the Kuyers Institute is to foster reflection and innovation in terms of the relationship between Christian faith and teaching and learning. Typical Institute projects focus on new research on Christian teaching and learning, the development of innovative models for teaching and learning (e.g., sample curriculum materials), and the communication of both to educators. Proposed projects should show evidence of an integrally Christian approach and should ideally advance our understanding and practice of Christian teaching and learning.

This does not imply, however, that the target audience is limited to Christian schools; the Christian element will be looked for in approach rather than in audience. For full details of the parameters of Institute projects and the criteria used to evaluate proposals, please see the document "Project Criteria" below.

While the Kuyers Institute welcomes all proposals and inquiries, projects must involve a member of the Calvin University faculty in some capacity. The Institute seeks to collaborate with, but not duplicate, general-purpose resourcing organizations for Christian schools. Due to limits on funds available, the Institute will consider project proposals on a case-by-case basis and is not able to commit to awarding grants on a regular basis; the Institute does not fund maintenance of existing institutions or programs.


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