Thanks to a visionary contribution from Milt and Carol Kuyers, Calvin University is home to an institute devoted to the study and promotion of pedagogy, learning, and educational leadership from an integrally Christian perspective.

The Kuyers Institute focuses on teaching and learning from pre-kindergarten through college, and fosters research and professional development.

The Kuyers Institute acts as a catalyst to gather interested professionals for workshops, conferences, and research seminars, and coordinates research projects in a variety of settings.

Our audience

The Institute involves a wide variety of participants and address several audiences:

  • Practitioners in pre-K through 16 education, teachers who are seeking to develop more effective practice and deeper reflection on that practice.
  • Students, whose improved learning is central to this effort. Stakeholders in local schools and colleges will also be influenced through this work as we articulate best practices, disseminate research findings, and advance theoretical reflection.
  • Finally, we speak to and collaborate with the larger community of educators, both in higher education and elementary and secondary settings, in North America and internationally, as we articulate and study the unique contributions of faith to the educational process.

About the Kuyers Institute: Research and scholarship

About the Kuyers Institute: Curriculum design

About the Kuyers Institute: Professional development