The Calvin Action Projects (CAP) are multi-disciplinary projects intended to provide business majors at Calvin College with a significant transformational learning experience with a team of students working as consultants for actual organizations on real business problems.

Integrating all fields

CAP projects are semester-long, and are part of the course requirements for such classes such as Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and the senior Capstone project.

Collaborative learning

Student teams at Calvin College consist of undergraduate business majors with little or no professional experience. The teams work under the guidance of faculty advisors who have high levels of professional and academic experience to help provide better results and a more realistic project experience for the students - including direction from more experienced practitioners.

CAP is designed first and foremost to be a transformational learning experience for the students. Our goal is that the projects will also provide real, fact and data-driven solutions and recommendations for sponsors, which will stimulate thinking and provide fresh insights and actionable directions.

Creative problem solving

Calvin College student teams are not given well-defined problems or asked to choose from several obvious alternatives. Instead, the CAP experience leaves the sense-making phase to the students, which forces them to develop both problem-solving and opportunity sensing skills. The problem definition and project scoping phases are important to the overall CAP experience and give the students a better sense of the uncertainties and the dynamics of the business world.

Sponsor a CAP

CAP is a collaborative process, and one that equally benefits students, faculty, and sponsors. If you are interested in participating in CAP, please review and complete our project application.

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