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STEM Lecture

Speaker is Dr. Deb Haarsma, President of BioLogos. This lecture is open to current students as well as the general public. Students can receive credit for ENGR 294/394 and CS 195/295.

The Webb Telescope, God, and the Multiverse

The new Webb Telescope is showing us beautiful new vistas of planets, nebulae, galaxies, and the earliest epochs of our universe. Yet research hints that our universe may be just a tiny part of a multiverse of imagination-staggering immensity—a prospect that has echoed in interesting ways throughout our society. From the widely successful Marvel superhero movies, to TikTok, to the frontiers of theoretical physics, the idea of a multiverse is impacting our view of the world. What does science actually have to say about alternate universes? And how would the various multiverse theories intersect with our understanding of God, and of ourselves? Join us for a tour of our universe from the Webb Telescope and an exploration of the multiverse.


This lecture is occurring in conjunction with a dinner sponsored by the West Michigan Chapter of the American Scientific Affiliation. If you are an ASA member and would like to sign up for the dinner (which has limited seating), please contact Ryan Bebej.


November 2022
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