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Math Colloquium with Dr. Mike Bolt

  • Thursday, September 17, 2020
  • 3:45 PM–3:45 PM
  • NH

Math & Statistics Department Math Colloquium Presentation: Math Circles

Join the Math & Statistics department students and faculty on September 17 at 3:40 in NH 276 to hear Professor Mike Bolt's presentation entitled "The Calvin University Math Circle."

In any recent non-pandemic semester you may have heard the sounds of enthusiastic middle schoolers coming from our seminar room on Monday afternoons.  These are sounds of the Calvin University Math Circle that I started with Professor Emerita Jan Koop in Fall 2017.  Our program is modeled on programs run in the southeast side of the state and follows a national Math Circle movement started in the 1990s.  This talk will give an overview of the greater Math Circle landscape and discuss how our program is structured.  There also will be presentation of samples from our "greatest hits" so that you get a sense for how one can do sophisticated mathematics at this age level. 

This presentation would also be of interest to education students.

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North Hall 276

September 2020
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