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Christian Witness and Ministry in a COVID-Shaped World: Crisis Communication Practices

  • June 22, 2020–July 10, 2020

Many organizations have been in near-constant crisis mode during the pandemic. Learn the strategies and practices that reflect a faithful approach to crisis communication.

Course overview

As the COVID-19 crisis first unfolded, organizations of every type and size reached out to their customers and communities. Each sought to stay connected with—and be helpful to—their audience during a time of confusion. Which organizations were able to communicate effectively during the crisis, and how did they do it?

In this course, you'll learn how to communicate meaningfully in the midst of a crisis. But more importantly, you'll learn how to create a communication plan before crisis strikes, and how to evaluate whether it's reaching its audience.

When you complete this class, you'll know how to speak clearly, truthfully, and helpfully for your church or business despite the chaos of a crisis. And that's a skill every organization needs—now more than ever.

Course distinctives

  • Faithful speech—Your instructor believes that truthful, ethical communication is a powerful tool for accomplishing good. You'll be challenged to view all crisis communication as a way to bring hope and inspire action.
  • Expert teaching—Kathi Groenendyk is a widely published scholar and department chair who has deep experience as an editor, speaker, and professor.

Course details

There is no set meeting time for this course. You will have opportunities for live collaboration with the professor and other students. If you choose to audit the course, plan to spend 10–14 hours over the course of three weeks reading, writing, watching videos, and having discussions. You won't be graded. If you are taking the course for academic credit, expect an additional 20 hours of course work. Credit-seekers are awarded a credit on a completed/not-completed basis without a letter grade.


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